Weed, Herb and Tobacco Grinder Guide

If you’re looking for the best grinder for your herbs, weed or tobacco, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll give you the inside word on choosing a non-toxic, durable and safe grinder. Don’t be sucked in by low quality, cheap grinders you can find at head shops and gas stations: they can actually be dangerous! This article will help you learn about grinders, what to look for in a grinder, what to avoid and the best types of grinders we’ve found.

The small device that’s got teeth, and is used to grind up small plant materials – marijuana, tobacco and herbs, for example – is known as a grinder. Grinders will have between one and three compartments, and are generally comprised of acrylic, metal and wood.

Best grinders for weed and herbs – 2017

NameRatingDiameter (inches)PiecesMaterialMadePrice
Golden Gate Grinder
Golden Gate Grinders
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2.54Aircraft Grade AluminumChina

Our review
Lifetime warranty and comes at a great price
Black Tie Grinder
black tie grinders
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2.54CNC Aircraft Grade AluminumChina

Our review
Just an awesome grinder. 100{5b81d8331e87f1131122380d6a251e89108b2cca196b065d9ed8b35a32c6379d} money back guarantee
Platinum grinder
Platinum grinder
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2.54Ultra-Strength Aircraft Grade AluminumUSA

Our review
Lifetime warranty.
Best value grinder
Space Case Grinder
Space Case Grinder 4 piece
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Our review
Awesome quality but comes at a high price
Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder
magic flight finishing grinder
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1.52Made from Sustainable woods
Choice of Maple, Walnut or Cherry colors

Our review
Best wood grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder
Santa Cruz shredder
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2.1254Anodized aluminumUSA

Our review
It's a really good grinder but the price is too high
Cali Crusher
4 piece cali crushers weeb herb grindres
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24Heavy Duty aircraft grade billet aluminumChina

Our review
It's a really good grinder but the Black Tie Grinder is a better option at this price point
Chromium Crusher
Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Grinder
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2.54CNC aluminumChina

Our review
One of the best budget options
Ohuhu grinder
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2.384Heavy duty zinc alloyChina

Our review
Is super cheap but the Platinum Grinder and Golder Gate grinder are better options
Phoenician grinder
Phoenician grinder
Check Today's Price
3.22546061 Aerospace Aluminum with Replaceable Screens. Medical grade standardUSA

Our review
Medical grade so is super expensive. The Space Case grinder is better at this price point

Materials used in grinders

Grinders are affected by the kind of material they are made of. Therefore, when you’re looking for a grinder, you need to keep this issue in mind. Remember, grinders can be made of metal, acrylic or wood. Weigh the different types to your needs and make your choose from what you learn.

1 – Acrylic Grinders

Acrylic Grinders

You should steer clear of acrylic grinders. This cheap material can contaminate the herbs and break the teeth. They cost mere dollars and are ideal if you’re not able to find another kind of grinder. Due to their cheapness, they don’t last very long.

After a certain period of time, the acrylic grinder teeth will break. Even worse, pieces of the acrylic can get into the herb. It’s best to avoid this type of grinder, as ingesting, vaporizing or smoking acrylic-tainted herb can be extremely dangerous.

2 – Metal Grinders

Metal Grinders

When it comes to the best, metal grinders offer it – the best in quality, sharpness and permanence.

The majority of metal herb grinders are comprised of aluminum.  Are aluminum grinders safe?  Some people claim grinders are made up of titanium. However, these are typically just coated with titanium, which tends to cost $6 per pound raw. Aluminum, on the other hand, is $.75 per pound raw. Is this material type safe? Yes, although rumors have circulated that titanium is dangerous. You’ll be glad to know that metal grinders are the best type to purchase.

3 – Wood Grinders

Wood Grinders

This material type for grinders is good so long as they’re made from raw wood. Wood tobacco grinders, which are carved, come in beautiful designs and generally only have one compartment. The grinder’s interior should not be painted or finished because this can get into the herb. It’s best to do raw wood.

The teeth of wood grinders aren’t as good as the teeth on metal grinders, with them sometimes being similar to nails. If you have the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, be sure you get the Magic Flight Vaporizer to go along with it.


Grinder compartments: 1, 2 or 3 compartments?

  • 1-compartment grinders (known as two-piece grinders) will have just one compartment where you’ll place, ground and recover the herb. One compartment grinder tends to result in inconsistent size grounded herbs. It’s tricky to get the grounded herb from this compartment because you have to deal with the teeth, which are in the way.
  • 2-compartment grinders (known as three-piece grinders) are similar to the one-compartment grinders, but it’s got tiny holes at the bottom that allows the certain sizes of the herb to fall into the second compartment. Due to holes, you’ll get an herb that’s more evenly grounded. And, getting them from the second compartment is far easier to do than the one-compartment grinder.
  • 3-compartment grinders (also known as four-piece grinders) come with an extra compartment separated from the second compartment by a thin screen. The third compartment is for the pollen that comes from grinding kief, marijuana and similar plants.

Now, you may be wondering what the price difference is between each compartment. Actually, there’s not much of one. The price difference relates the on the grinder’s size and the material of grinder you decide to purchase.  Click on the link for some tips on how to use your grinder.


Best weed grinders

There are a lot of good quality weed grinders that are out there, but when it comes to the best, it may be hard to find the right one that really works for you. These are the best quality weed grinders because they are high quality, and will give you a constant and consistent grind result. So there are no worries about worrying about if your grinder is going to quit on you at any point in time. These were built to last.

1 – Space Case Grinder 4-Piece

Space Case Grinder 4 piece

This grinder is ideal for people who need an entry-level grinder that’s of superior quality. It comes with high-end aspects that don’t come with a very expensive price tag.

This grind is similar to other metal grinders – it’s comprised of anodized CNC aluminum, which results in a smooth, light and corrosion-resistant grinder. It’s also got a fine pollen screen built into the device.

Why is the Space Case grinder (Full review of the Space case grinder here)better than other grinders like the Chromium Crusher? It’s light in weight and has a carrying pouch, which means you can carry it in a backpack without it becoming damaged or scratched. And, since it’s comprised of aluminum, it’s ideal for transporting. Unfortunately, the weight of the Chromium Crusher is so heavy that it can’t be easily moved out of the home.

This is the best one there is, especially when it comes to a metal grinder. It is made from aluminum, but it is coated in titanium, so you know it is made to last grind after grind. The aluminum that it is made from is what makes it turn smoothly without a lot of issues, this is pretty important because you don’t want a bad grind. The teeth inside the grinder are very sharp and will give you an even and consistent grind each time. You can get this in a 4 piece or 2 piece grinder, although the best is the 4 piece. You are able to grind, store, and even keep pollen from your grind in the bottom. The lid is magnetic, so it will snap shut whenever you are grinding, and you don’t have to worry about losing the lid.  The only downside to this grinder is the cost!

2 – Golden Gate Grinder

Golden Gate Grinder

This grinder is ideal for medical marijuana patients looking for a medical-quality grinder. It’s been solely designed to deal with heavy use with much ease. The teeth ensure the herb is as fluffiest as possible. It doesn’t have sharp teeth; rather, it’s got a mini shredder with a dull, trapezoid design that will cut the herb a few times. With the additional cuts, you get a more consistent blend.

One of the great things about this grinder is that its grip is better than other grinder, regardless of our age or joint condition.

This is an ultrasonically-cleaned grinder, helpful for MMJ patients. What does this mean? It means the grinder went through high-frequency sound waves to remove all contaminates, impurities and deposit on the grinder. You don’t have to worry with metal shavings still inside the compartment with this kind of grinder. And, with its unique teeth design, you don’t need to worry with your herb being tainted with metal shards.

The Golden Gate Grinder has other wonderful aspects to it: lifetime guarantee, tripled-sealed high-quality magnet on the lid and restructured threading.  Check out my full review of the Golden Gate Grinder.

It’s a mid-priced grinder, it does offer quality and medical-grade performance. Since the grinder is so good at fluffing the herb, it’s good for vaporizing.

3 – Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Grinder

Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Grinder

This grinder is much cheaper than Golden Gate or , you can get the 2.5-inch Chromium Crusher Zinc, which is comprised of aluminum but heavyweight and durable in your hands. It’s got extremely sharp teeth, and is 24mm bigger in size than the previously mentioned grinders.

This grinder is ideal for grinding up minute or large quantities of herb in your home. The only real drawback to this grinder is that it’s difficult to travel with because of its weight. Therefore, if you don’t need a travel grinder, this would be the best choice for you.

4 – Santa Cruz Shredder

This is a 4 piece grinder that is made out of anodized aluminum, but the real kicker is that it has this amazing magnet on it which keeps whatever you happen to be grinding, consistently fresh. The teeth cut both ways, which will give you a super nice grind. Since they use aerospace anodizing, it is amazingly sanitary. You can even get a super small one which will make it very discreet. Since the magnet is in the lid, it will seal really well and keep your herb fresh.  Check out the full Santa Cruz Shredder review here.

5 – Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder

This is a wooden grinder that is a little bit on the cheaper side but it is similar to a cheese grater. You grind your herb and it falls out of the bottom, so be prepared before you begin grinding to have something to catch whatever you may be grinding. It was really well made and it is reasonably priced, which is always good if you are on a budget.  I have a more in depth Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder review.

6 – Cali Crusher

The Cali Crusher is a very popular option because the are reasonably priced and look awesome.

Best budget weed grinders

Weed grinders are meant for the modern smoker. If you haven’t ever used a grinder to grind up your herb, then you are really missing out on how much better your smoking experience can be. There are plenty of grinders that are out there, but sometimes, you could get hit with something that doesn’t really work for you. If you are on a budget, then these grinders will be perfect for you. Each one is a budget price but will give you the best quality grind that you are looking for.

Black Tie Grinder

Looking for a decent priced grinder which you won’t destroy the grinding teeth within a few days?  Then you should check out the Black Tie Grinder.

Ohuhu 4 Piece grinder

What a find this grinder was!  Read my Ohuhu 4 piece grinder review.  It’s for the budget conscious and also performs really well.

Platinum grinders

An aluminum grinder that performs really well and comes at a good price.  The way it grinds is very smooth and even those herbs which are fairly dense and hard to grind end up nice and fluffy.  There’s enough space to hold plenty of herb as well so your not always having to tip out the ground down herbs.  For more information check out my Platinum Grinders review.

Black Leaf Precision Grinder

This grinder is made from aluminum and it comes in various colors and even some designs like a dragon. It does what it needs to do for whatever you plan to grind in it. There is hardened diamond shaped teeth that are inside that will give you a smooth grind, which will give you the best grinned material. It comes with a magnetic lid and for under $20, you can’t beat this deal.

Kannastor Aluminum Bladed Shredder & Sifter

This one is a bit on the higher side, but it is well worth the $60. It is made with aluminum blades as well as a sifter and storage compartment. It has a magnetic closure and it even has a removable screen and it is equipped with a replacement screen. The bottom compartment has a screeder which will scrape up the collected stuff, which makes it a bit easier to get what you want, without all the mess.

Weed World Acrylic Grinder- Glow in the Dark

This grinder sells for under $15 and what makes it pretty cool, is that it happens to glow in the dark. It is made from a pretty strong polycarbonate which will give you a chance to really grind your herb, but even the hardest spices like coffee beans. It has a built in storage compartment where you can keep your grounded herb. Not only is it easy to use, when you are ready to clean it, throw it in the dishwasher. Yeah, its dishwasher safe.

Wooden Herb Grinder- Dragon Design

This grinder sells for under $11 and it is made of wood. There isn’t any wood oil that would keep it sticky or nasty to touch. The intricate design on the top will really make it a neat decoration, when not in use. It has metal teeth, and will grind what you need it to.

For the price you pay, you get great quality and high performance that’s why we recommend you purchase a 4-piece Space Case grinder. When you buy the 4-piece Space Case grinder, you can’t go wrong.


Best herb grinders

When it comes to grinding, you want to make sure that you get the best one that will work for you. It doesn’t matter if you are grinding herb or tobacco, having the right grinder can say a lot about the type of experience you will get when you are ready to smoke or even vape.  If you do decide to vape use a vape world coupon or a world of vape coupon.  Other great vaping companies where you can use coupons are Juul, Direct Vapor, Element Vape, Vaporfi, Vape Wild and Vaporbeast. Below is a list of grinders that people rave about, there are some on the expensive side, and there are some that are a bit cheaper, but just remember, you will get what you pay for.

Space Case Grinder-Medium

This is the #1 grinder that there is, and it is now a lot better. They ditched the old magnets for newer and more stronger ones that are inside of the main grinder. This means awesome grip and no more worries about the lid falling off. Since it is made of anodized aluminum and plated in titanium, it gives it a nice shiny look. This is a multiple piece grinder which means that the herb will fall through the grate as it is ground up, and once you have what you want, simply use a presser to compress it.

5 Piece Grinder Large

Having a 5 piece grinder will make your whole life. They will help you to get the best out of your herb. The first 2 pieces are your normal grinder, but the 2nd piece has holes, so it goes into the 3rd part. Once it is there the fine herb will begin to be filtered through mesh. The 4th piece has a pretty tight mesh, so only the finest herb can make it to the 5th piece, which is the collection plate.

Phoenician Engineering Black 4 piece Herb Grinder Sifter

This herb grinder is made from aerospace grade 6061 aluminum. This is made from materials within the US. These have plenty of features such as the locking system. This is a thread-less design, so one twist and it is locked. The teeth are placed and created to give you the best grinding experience, while taking less force and effort to actually grind your herb.  The Phoenician grinder is a great option.

Shock Proof Easyleaf Electric Grinder

What is cool about this grinder, is that its mother grinder is the Space Case Sifter. This will literally grind your herb so fine that you will find that this baby is one of the best you have ever had when it comes to an electric grinder. This is made from a precision-engineered acrylic, so the grinder is smooth for using.

When it comes to grinding, you have to use what you believe to be the best of the best, and this is where it starts. These grinders can grind anything that you want.


Best tobacco grinders

If you are the type of person that prefers to grind your own tobacco how you like it, then you may need a tobacco grinder. These will help you to shred your tobacco leaves into a finer ground product that you can roll or place in your own pipes or smoking paraphernalia. Finding the right tobacco grinder can sometimes be a real pain, so the list below are the best tobacco grinders that you can find that will do what you want it to do without all the hassle and worrying about it not getting it right the first time.

Thorinder Tobacco Grinder by After Glow

This grinder was inspired by Thor himself, and it is considered the grinder of legends. This is made from medical grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum and it is decorated in electric blue lightening bolts as well as a clear top so you can see when your tobacco is grinned to perfection. This is a 4 part grinder with a magnetic lid. It comes with a nice presentation case and a cleaning tool. It does come in different colors, but the most popular one is blue.

Original Rotary tobacco grinder

This is a brand new type of grinder. It takes all the hard work out of grinding. It is made of 3 parts and comes with rotary blades and retractable handle. It can tackle most tobacco items and it comes with a clear lid, so you can see when you are done grinding. It even has a small plastic cleaning kit which makes it one of the top tobacco grinders out there.

Electric Metal Grinder

This is the easiest grinder to use. It does all the work for you and it will refine your tobacco for easy rolling and smooth smoking. Once your ready to grind, fill it 30{5b81d8331e87f1131122380d6a251e89108b2cca196b065d9ed8b35a32c6379d} of the way, screw the lid on and lock it in place. Switch it on and boom. You will hear the blades go and simply set it upright to let your tobacco fall into place on the blades. This takes all the fuss out of grinding and you can do it all without your hand getting tired.

Super-Sized Wood Tobacco Grinder

If you are wanting to do some major grinding, then this is what you need. It is great for grinding more than your average tobacco. Simply twist away and know that you are grinding with the best wooden grinder that there is. It will give you a smooth grind and easy clean up. There isn’t a lot of wooden grinders out there like that.

These are the best tobacco grinders out there and you certainly, can’t do any better than these bad boys.

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