What is Vaporizing weed?

Do you want your neighbor or your girlfriend to stop complaining about the smell and the smoke your half-smoked joints leave behind? Vaporizing it is the solution, it is not only cleaner to the environment but it is also supposed to be better to your health. When you smoke a joint you are smoking the paper, the glue on it and everything and anything that is mixed in with your weed. This includes tar, ashes, and of course the THC. The THC as you know; is what produces the high and that is the only substance you want, the rest may cause cancer and other lung diseases.

When you vaporize weed you are not burning it, you are putting it through a high temperature steam that leaves behind all the waste and most of the dangerous stuff, inhaling only the THC. It is simple to do and portable and home equipment to do it can be found at any weed or paraphernalia anywhere. It consists of a heating chamber where the water is heated and turned into steam. Above the steam chamber you have the weed receptacle that usually can hold about five grams of finely ground weed which leads to a balloon on top where the steam is going to concentrate.

The weed vaporizer is set to work at around 390 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the perfect temperature because anything above this and your weed will ignite and burn. The steam works much the same like it does in one of those nebulization machines, used by people with asthma, where the heated water removes the medication from its compartment and you breathe it mixed with the steam. There are several advantages to using a weed vaporizing machines; the first is that the steam itself expands your lungs so you can receive more air than you normally do. The second is that the steam is filled with THC from the weed and leaves behind most of the tar and toxic materials.

This off course is a healthier way to get high because you are not breathing all the toxins and tar found in the weed and because you are putting into your lungs, brain and body almost pure THC which makes the high faster and longer than if you smoked or ate your cannabis. Some people still believe that adding your weed to food is the best and longest high but the fact is that ingestion may be better but it also takes a longer time to reach the desired effect than through smoking it. A vaporizing machine is probably the best of all options because it not only cleans out most of the dangerous stuff but it provides you with a fast, direct hit of THC that will set you in the right mood almost immediately.

The third and most important advantage if you live in a crowded apartment building is that there is no smell left behind, no roaches to get rid of and your ginger tips will never turn yellow and ugly.  Weed vaporizing machines are easy to use and put away, they provide you with a clean lung-full of THC and leave no residue behind, what more could you ask for?

Vaporizers are a great idea but they can be expensive so make sure you save some cash by using a promo code.  Try coupon codes for world of vape or vapeworld.