What is a Grinder?

This is nifty device that is used to grind spices and herbs into smaller, fine pieces. It can be used to grind various kitchen herbs such as parsley, rosemary, etc., but it is mostly used to grind marijuana into finer pieces. A normal grinder will have two halves that have sharp pegs or teeth that are aligned in a way that when they are turned, it will shred the material inside.

Grinders will normally come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the most common being the a round shape. They even come in different materials like acrylic, wood, aluminum, titanium, and other metals. This is normal, there are some that are colored in crazy designs as well.

When it comes to grinders, the first thing that should be taken into account is the strength and durability of the grinder. How are the teeth attached to the base? Plastic grinders aren’t very durable as they often break within a few uses, especially if the herb has too many stems or chalks or if it is too compressed. Aluminum grinders seem to be the grinder material of many people. It tends to last years.

It is good to remember that the larger the grinder, the more you can grind up. This also means that the grinder is going to weigh a lot more too, and may not be good to carry around in your pocket. There are some grinders that will have a magnet that will keep the pieces together and hold them in place. This means that you will get better movement when you are grinding and both pieces will stay in place no matter what.

You definitely need to make sure that your grinder is well taken care of. If you are grinding materials that are damp or even wet, it will be harder to grind into a finer substance. All seeds and stems should be removed before you begin grinding, and another good reason to remove stems is that they can cause the teeth of cheaper grinders to bust and break.

After you have been grinding for a while, you may notice that there is some build up that has stuck to the teeth and even the bottom of the grinder. You should clean this in order to keep your grinder in working shape. There are special cleaning chemicals that you can use that are made just for grinders, but cleaning with organic cleaner tends to work better.

Grinders are the friend for any smoker or even those who prefer to grind their own kitchen herbs. Take care of them and they will take care of you.  So now you know what a grinder is you can select the best tobacoo, herb or weed grinder for your needs.