Space Case Weed Grinders

Space Case weed grinders are made of superior-quality aerospace grade aluminum that’s been titanium-coated, which is one of the reasons they are quite expensive. What are some of the reasons the Space Case grinders are so costly?

What Makes Space Case Weed Grinders So Different From Other Grinders On The Market

  • Strong Magnetic Lids If you’ve ever used and dropped a grinder, then you know the importance of having a magnetic lid. These grinders have an extra strong magnet that ensures the lid stays on, which means you don’t have to worry with spilling the buds accidentally or having someone/something accidentally knocking them off.
  • Titanium Hard Anodized Finish – This unique titanium coating ensures the grinders from Space Case is much more durable than their competitors who use pure aluminum. It’s got razor sharp teeth that will never dull and will cut very smooth. Should you accidentally drop it or it falls, it won’t become scratched or dented up. And, there are not aluminum shavings or dust in the buds. It’s also highly resistant to corrosion and can be easily cleaned.
  • Teflon-Grade O-Rings – Along with having extremely sharp teeth for easy grinding, these grinders have a Teflon O-ring that ensures the metals don’t rub or cause friction while they’re grinding. When there’s little friction, the grind result is much smoother.

Key Complaint Of The Space Case Grinders

There is just one primary complaint of these grinders, and that’s the cost! You do need to worry with fake, as many companies try to pass their products off as Space Case herb grinders. The only surefire way to ensure you get a Space Case herb grinder is to find the label that says “Space Case” on the top.

What Are The Options For Space Case Herb Grinders

2-Piece Grinders

2 piece space grinderThe Space Case two-piece can be found in three sizes:

  • Small – 1-inch tall, 2-inch diameter and weighs 3.25 ounces
  • Medium – 1-inch tall, 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs 5.75 ounces
  • Large – 1.25-inches tall, 3.25 inches in diameter and weighs 13.13 ounces

They’re also found in two colors. One grinder style comes with a black finish whereas the other style includes a metallic hard-anodized finish that includes a minute polished shine.

4-Piece Grinders

4 piece space grinder

The Space Case Weed Grinders (four-piece) have kief screens that allow for pollen collection in the special chamber. In fact, Space Case offers the best weed collecting screens of any currently available grinder and will collect the purest keif and ensure the plant matter and contaminants are left out.

Now, just like the two-piece grinders, the four-piece grinders can be found in three sizes:

  • Small – 1.5-inches tall, 2-inch diameter, which makes it an extremely compact four-piece grinder
  • Medium – 2.5-inch diameter, 2-inches tall
  • Large – 2.75 inches tall, 3.5-inch diameter and 22 ounces in weight

Should You Purchase A Space Case Weed Grinder?

When it comes to the best grinders on the market, Space Case products are, by far, a great option. They last forever and you don’t need to be concerned with dull teeth in the near future. And, should something happen, the company does offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty.  The Space Case grinder can be purchased here.


Space Case Grinder
4.8 / 5 stars