Acrylic grinders are poorly designed and they fail to perform their work effectively. They cost only a few dollars and can be found at gas stations. Using a plastic grinder exposes you to numerous dangers. “Cheap is expensive” is the expression that best suits this type of weed grinders. The best grinders are definitely not acrylic.  Read on to know why.

Top Reasons

• The inner prongs of the grinder are loose and weak, and therefore not capable of cutting through densely compacted buds and stems. The teeth easily break off, compromising on the quality of the grind and requiring frequent replacements.
• The teeth of the acrylic grinder may fall off without being noticed and end up in the herb in your pipe. An unlucky stoner may inhale the smoky acrylic shedding as the plastic burns inside the pipe. This exposes the stoner to permanent lung damage and ruins his or her pleasure of smoking pot forever. The burning plastic may further clog the ventilation of the pipe and cause permanent ruin to a favorite pipe due to the horrible taste it leaves behind.
• A pollen chamber is a critical piece of any herb grinder since it is effective in accumulating kief. Kief is the goodness of the herb- it is the residue of weed in powder form which enhances the weed burning and its effects. The acrylic weed grinder does not have a pollen chamber and therefore does not produce any kief.
• The strength of plastic in an acrylic grinder limits engineering which in turn limits the number and type of shapes that can be made of it. Acrylic grinders therefore lack the high end teeth that give a great and even fluff.
• If a lot of weed is placed in the grinder, the material core simply jams and no amount of exertion can remove the unmovable friction. Using a hammer to do this will only lead to the grinder breaking down and shuttering into pieces that could cause contamination of the weed.
• The acrylic grinder fails to keep up with new technologies that make weed grinding a simple and effective process. To this day, the acrylic grinder only has one compartment for storing the original buds. The powdered remains stick to the teeth and require a lot of effort to get them out. This is unlike other grinders that have the capacity to store ground flowers in a different section from where the solid buds were originally placed.
• Many acrylic grinders have incorporated in them hidden magnets that mess up electronic devices when stored in the same pocket.
Acrylic weed grinders are a big joke and only make whoever owns one to look cheap, silly and not up to date. Acrylic grinders look more like they were meant for kids than for adults. Be wise enough and learn from the weaknesses stated above. Do not make the same mistakes that will cost you so much more. Instead, buy a high quality alternative like a stainless steel grinder which costs only a few more dollars and will save you from acquiring irreversible health damages.  Stick to high quality materials such as those used in aluminum grinders. That’s the safest way of going about it. You have to keep safe especially when vaping as well. Make sure you use high quality e-juice from reputable suppliers such as Vaporfi and Vaporbeast.