Phoenician grinder review

There are plenty of grinders out there but there are none that are like the Phoenician grinder. This one has a great exterior lobe gripping which makes it easier to grind with various grips. This may sound like something of a minor point but it is vital to the grinding experience.

Phoenician grinder

First off when it comes to the metal of the grinder it happens to made up of aircraft grade aluminum. If it gets used on an aircraft, then you know it is going to be tough.  But is aluminum safe to use in a grinder?  The grinder also has what are known as diametric teeth which have been patented. These allow you to grind up your herb in various directions at once which will give you the best and finest result that is possible. It comes out almost like powder or a nice fine tobacco, and this releases all of the chemicals that give herb its medical properties, so this grinder will grind out the goodness that is within your herb.

If your grip isn’t that great then you are going to love the Phoenician grinder. It has the unique grip mechanism that has replaceable screens. Which is great if your screens get damaged or weaken over time. The larger grinders happen to have a place where you can hold your papers and there is even an ashtray in it as well. This is best herb grinder if you want something that will hold your smoking stuff as well.

Although the phoenician grinders can be a bit expensive, it is great because of all the added features. Some don’t need all the bells and whistles but some do. There and various models as well some that come with fully replaceable screens, and even gold plated grinders. It really depends on what you are looking for. Some even have beveled bowl base as well.

The packaging does let you know that yes it is sharp and there are often metal shavings that can be seen, but they are simple to clean out with a soft rag. If you happen to have a pacemaker, this is not the right grinder for you, unless you like to live dangerously. This comes with N52 in the lid. That is a pretty decent magnet there and it could mess with your credit cards and stuff. Because this magnet is pretty strong, keep this thing away from your face if you have piercings. Some metal will be attracted and poof you will look like you just met a meat grinder. This grinder grinds like it was a Ginsu knife and the only thing that it won’t do is make Julian fries unless you decided to see what it would be like to grind a potato.  The Space Case Weed grinder is also made of really high quality material.  If you’re a little more budget conscious and don’t really need your herb or weed grinder made out of the best material in the world you could try the Black Tie Grinder or the Golden Gate grinder.

This is one of the best weed grinders than you can get and it is worth the money in the long run.

Phoenican Grinder
4.4 / 5 stars