Ohuhu 4 Piece Tobacco/ Herb Grinder

Selecting the right type of grinder can be hard. However, with the Ohuhu grinder you will be able to enjoy a nice quality grind, without any of the chunky pieces that would destroy your smoking enjoyment. Using scissors could take a long time, but the convenience factor goes up with a nice grinder that is fully automatic or semi-automatic. If you use a grinder that really grinds the herbs into a fine consistency, the active ingredient THC will be released which will enhance the pleasure feature of smoking herb. If you are looking for a great grinder on a budget, then you need the Ohuhu grinder.

Ohuhu grinder

The price

I decided to purchase the Ohuhu 4-piece grinder because it offers the best value of any other grinder that is on Amazon. Right now it is going for $9.99. That means that is a great deal for anyone who is on budget or is looking for a nicely made grinder.

The size

It has a 2.38 diameter, and it’s just a slight bit wider than your standard grinders, which is normally 2 inches. Even though I have no idea why the designers decided to go with 2.38 inches for the Ohuhu, it is the perfect size. It isn’t so small that you will have to break your bud up into smaller pieces to make it fit, but it is just small enough to carry around easily.


All of the Ohuhu grinders are made from a heavy duty, high quality zinc alloy. Then again if you shop for grinders on Amazon, if you keep browsing on you will notice that all of them are made from zinc alloy if they are heavy duty or high quality. I have no idea where you would get light duty, low quality zinc alloy from, but I am sure glad that the manufacturers didn’t mess with it. Zinc alloy is a very popular metal for grinders due to the fact that it is strong and cheap. The more expensive grinders are made from aluminum.

One of the best parts about the Ohuhu grinder is the fact that the manufacturers went a step further than all of the others and anodized the metal. That means that the metal’s surface is smoother which causes less friction, and will give you a better grinding experience. This also causes less buildup of resin and makes cleaning it so much easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap
  • Heavy duty
  • 4 pieces


  • None


When it comes down to grinders, having the best is well, the best way to go. The Ohuhu is the best for those who are on a budget as it doesn’t give you much to expect. When you begin using it, that is where it shines. It is able to grind finely without a lot of issues and it works great. The metal is smooth which makes it better as well.  If you do have a bigger budget why not check out the Golden Gate Grinder.

Ohuhu Grinder
4.4 / 5 stars