Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder review

The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is a great accessory to have for your Magic Flight Launch Box, as well as any other dry herb vaporizer. It was made to fit within the trench of your launch box, so you would be able to grind your herbs directly within the herb chamber.

This is a quality wood grinder that is definitely cheaper than most other grinders that really works. It works almost like a cheese grater in that you will put your herb into the grinder and start turning it while the grinds fall out underneath it. So that you don’t make a huge mess, it is wise to have something underneath of your magic flight finishing grinder to catch the herbs.

magic flight finishing grinder

What makes this finishing grinder so much different from other grinders is that the herbs are much finer ground up and your launch box will be able to give you a more even extraction. Although, you are able to use a finishing grinder with any type of dry herb vaporizer.

Unlike all of the other grinders, this fine crafted finishing grinder doesn’t actually break up your herb, it actually pushes it through the screen at the bottom of your grinder.

There are plenty of people out there that have claimed that the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is actually the best grinder to buy for dry herb vaporizers and the truth is I agree. The fine grounded herb makes a real difference. Even though it may seem to be a bit complicated to use, it is very simple to use. You just have to have a lot of pressure in order to push your herb through the screen and there is the chance that some of your herb will actually be able to be squeezed through the bottom. If the metal screen was scarfed, it would work so much better in my honest opinion.

What I like:

The craftsmanship happens to be top notch and it is smooth to the touch.

It has a reasonable price as well.

What I don’t like:

Since it happens to be made of wood, the material will collect around the edges and it can be harder to clean and sticky.

It isn’t great for on the go grinding as you need something to catch your herb.

It can be slippery when you are turning it.


Overall it takes a lot more time than using a regular grinder. The hassle that you go through to get fine ground herb makes it worth it in the end.  If you’re looking for a budget weed grinder check out my Golden Gate Grinder review.  You could also check out the Chromium Crusher Grinder. If you prefer top of the line materials in your grinder, check out the Phoenician grinder.

Magic Flight Grinder
4.7 / 5 stars