How to use a grinder

If you are new to using an herb grinder, or you simply want to get better at using your grinder so you get the most out of it, then you are not alone. Many people just learning about grinders and seasoned users both want the same thing, to get the best grind possible. Keep reading to improve your grind quality.

How to use a grinder – the key points

  1. Make sure you’ve put your grinder together correctly
  2. Put small pieces of bud into the grinder so it’s evenly distributed
  3. Don’t put the bud only in the center of the teeth
  4. Do not over-fill the chamber
  5. It can take 5-10 spins so no need to force it
  6. Remove the top 2 sections and you should be all good
  7. If you’ve got left over kief on the screen, put a coin on top of the screen and gently shake the grinder from side to side and that should do the trick


Keep on reading

A four component herb grinder includes a grinder lid, grinder teeth, weed chamber, and catching chamber. These are the sections that make up a usual four chamber herb grinder. The first part of using a grinder is putting it together correctly. First you will screw the weed chamber to the top of the catching chamber. Then, screw the grinder teeth on the weed chamber, placing the lid on the grinder teeth.

Once you have the grinder all put together and looking pretty cool, you are ready to get your grind on, so grab that bud and remove the lid. You will want to put small pieces of your bud into the grinder so that it is evenly distributed (you may need to break it up with your fingers or another method). Avoid putting the bud in the center of the teeth, instead it should be evenly around the teeth.

You’re now ready to grind, so place the lid back on the grinder and make sure the magnet is holding the lid. With the lid locked, start grinding away by gently spinning the lid to ground up the bud and ensure its fell into the holes of the teeth into the catching chamber. This should take 5-10 spins.

Alright, if you have done it correctly the bud should be grinded up pretty good at this point. Remove the top two sections (lid and grinder teeth) by grabbing the base of the grinder and unscrewing at the grinder teeth section. When you get this removed, you will notice the bud is cut up and now located in the catching chamber and awaiting you to rescue them from the chamber and used for vaporizing, smoking or baking!

If you find that some of your kief remains on the screen, then get a guitar pick or coin and place it on the screen. Then, gently begin shaking the grinder from one side to another. The weight of the object will help the extra kief to fall into the catching chamber.

You are not ready to retrieve your ground up bud, simply unscrew each section and you will have a filled up catching chamber. From here, just take what you need for your usage and you’re done.