How to grind weed without a grinder

If you don’t have a weed grinder yet, or you have one and for some reason it broke or got lost, then you are likely searching for ways to cut your weed up. Well, there are many ways to cut up the weed, and they don’t require your fingers. The following are several easy ways that you can get your weed cut up in a short amount of time without a grinder, and you probably have some of these things around the house already too! Let’s move on so you can get to your smoke.

How to grind weed without a grinder – In a nutshell

  1. Using a Shot Glass and Scissors – it’s the simplest and easiest way
  2. Multi-Use Coffee Grinder – Make sure you wash really well before and after
  3. Using a Knife – The classic method
  4. Coin in a Pill Bottle – works well and you can get a bit of exercise done!
  5. Mortar and pestle – only use this method if you’re desperate

The methods in more detail

Using a Shot Glass and Scissors

If you own these two things, it is a great method for cutting up weed without the use of a grinder or your fingers. You just need to pull them out, put your bud in the shot glass and begin clipping away at it with the scissors. Not only is the clean up fast and simple, it takes less than a minute of cutting to get the bud ready.

Multi-Use Coffee Grinder

If you have a larger amount of bud you need to cut up in a short amount of time, let’s say you’re throwing a party, then grabbing a coffee grinder can help. You should be sure to clean it good prior to using it for grinding weed, and afterwards as it’s not very discreet to start with, but effective.  Also, keep an eye on the grind time or your weed will be powered bud!

Using a Knife

If all else fails, most people have a knife around the house, either a pocket knife or kitchen knife works well. Although you can get it done with a steak knife, using a non-serrated knife tends to work better for chopping up your weed. The classic methods are classics for a reason!

Coin in a Pill Bottle

This method is a little more unique than the others, but it works surprisingly well for being a coin in a bottle. All you have to do is get some type of empty pill bottle and put your bud and a clean penny inside. Then, shake like there’s no tomorrow! It does take longer than using a grinder, but it’s cheap and effective too.

Mortar and pestle

You could use this method but I wouldn’t.  It destroys some of the resin and simply isn’t gentle enough.

If you are finding that you have bud with no grinder, and you’re tired of pinching and tearing your bud with your fingers then these quick and easy ways to cutting your weed using household items can be a great time saver.