Grinder tips

Using a weed grinder can be quite a confusing thing to do most of the time, and this is why you need to make sure that you know how to configure and operate the grinder in order to get the finest grind you possibly can for your herb.  The first thing you need to know is to never buy an acrylic grinder.  We have compiled a list with some of the best tips that you can use in order to use a weed grinder efficiently and with astounding results.

Get a high quality grinder

This might sound simple, but it can be very hard to find a good grinder such as the Golden Gate Grinder or the Chromium Crusher.  We recommend you to get a zinc or an aluminum grinder, as these are much better and with higher performance, which lead to better grinding and astounding results in the end. Depending on the budget you can opt for any of these two categories, it’s all up to you. When purchasing a high quality grinder it’s recommended to check out the features it provides as well. Look for how many holes the device has as this is an important part of grinding, not to mention the amount of teeth that are located in the top chamber. These are two essential things to know about, but also try to create a list of all features and then check the weaknesses as well as strengths.

Avoid overfilling the top chamber

There’s always a temptation to just overfill the top chamber, but this makes it much harder for the grinder to work properly as it has to deal with a lot of pressure, and this is something you need to avoid at all costs. Instead, place a smaller amount each time, because the results will be a lot better despite wasting more time.
If you want a finer grind turn the grinder upside down
This neat trick is very useful and recommended for those that want a fine grind. If you place the grinder upside down the results are way better, but as a word of warning, you need to hold the top cap at all times, as herbs can fly at any time.

Thorough grinding

All of us want fine herbs and a thorough grinding, but it can be a little hard to figure out how thorough the grinding process really is. When the herb gets cut down, the grinder will face resistance, but when you feel that this resistance disappears, you will know that the grind has been performed perfectly and with good results.

Collecting Kief

A great way to get a good amount of kief is to place some coins in the third chamber and when the kief is enough, they will lay on the metal screen. Moreover, another good idea is to place the grinder in the freezer for up to 30 minutes prior to the grinding process, as this will make it easier to scrape together for use and obtain astounding results.
In conclusion, all of these tips are very useful if you want to grind weed efficiently. Try to integrate them into your weed grinding habits and you will surely obtain much better results in the end!