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Cigarette rolling machines

Normally we talk about herb grinders and everything to do with herbs, but today I plan to switch it up and talk about cigarette rolling machines and why you need one as well as which one is the best. There are all sorts of different cigarette rolling machines and it is vital to know your budget and the features that you want when picking out the right one to meet your needs. By selecting a quality cigarette rolling machine you will be able to roll your own cigarettes or your herbs tighter and quicker. So first we will talk about why you need to have a rolling machine and how you use them.

How to use a Cigarette rolling machine

Using a cigarette rolling machine is quite easy. Since there are all sorts of rolling machines, we will focus on the full use rolling machines as they are higher quality and easier to use. So what you do is place tobacco or herb into the feed chamber, which is normally found on the top of the machine. Once you do this, take cigarette paper and place it on the fill tip. Once you have the paper in place and your herb or tobacco in the chamber, pull the lever down and that will shove whatever you have in the chamber into the cigarette paper. Then Wah-la, you will have the best cigarette or joint that is ready for you to smoke it.

Helpful Tip: Use a rolling tray to catch any access tobacco or herb that falls out of the machine.

Take Rolling to a whole new level

Using a cigarette rolling machine will take all of the guess work out of rolling your cigarettes or joints. The best part is that once you have gotten how to use a cigarette rolling machine, you will always get a tightly rolled joint or cigarette every time. Not only that, but you will be able to roll quickly and the time just decreases on how long it will take you. Another really nifty feature is that a lot of high quality electric rolling machines will allow you to use king size or 100mm cigarette papers with the same machine. The only thing that will keep you from rolling everything perfectly is running out of tobacco or herb.

Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

I’ve updated my list so that you can check out the best cigarette rolling machine and save yourself some reading time.  It’s top quality and you won’t regret your buying decision because it’s great value.

Powermatic mini cigarette injector

This rolling machine is quite likeable as some of the features it has come on higher end rolling machines while it maintains its lightness and portability. This model can create both king size and 100mm cigarettes. It is also a manual machine, so you will have to push the slide over once you have pressed the lever down. Manual rolling machines have some advantages which include not having a power cord or using power which makes it more portable and better for rolling on the go. You also don’t have to worry about the power cord getting damaged which could cause you to need to buy a new rolling machine. The Powermatic Mini cigarette injector also comes with a cleaning tool and brush so that it will last for years, which will keep you making great quality cigarettes.

powermatic mini cigeratte injector

RAW 79mm Hemp plastic cigarette rolling machine

This rolling machine is very different from all of the other rolling machines. If you are wanting a cheap cigarette rolling machine that will get the job done then you need this rolling machine. This is a really cheap item, this one will fit into the budget quite easily. Since it happens to be a cheap manual rolling machine you should also expect that this model has several more steps to the rolling process than with an electronic rolling machine and this is the case when it comes to RAW Hemp plastic rolling machine. You will have to place your tobacco or herb in the chamber then slide the paper between the tobacco and the chamber then physically roll the whatever is in the chamber until it is rolled up.

Raw cigarette rolling machine


Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric cigarette Injector

This bad boy far more expensive than the above options. The Powermatic plugs in and is a complete electric cigarette rolling machine. The makers state that their machine is more powerful than any other cigarette rolling machines out there. The Powermatic will come with cleaning kit to keep the machine running in great shape. It has electric jam protection that makes sure that just the right amount of herb or tobacco is going into the feed chamber is a really nice feature to have especially if you have no idea how much to put in the chamber. There are plenty of reviews that give it 5-stars, so no wonder why it has made this list.

Powermatic electric cigarette injector


Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine

This rolling machine is a highly rated machine that will give you high quality cigarettes in both 100mm and king size. The best part is that it is a beast and is made of stainless steel and metal and not cheap plastic like most things manufactured today. Most owners comment on how long it lasts which has averaged out to be more than 7 years and that they were so happy with this model that when the old one broke, they went out and purchased the same cigarette rolling machine. Using it is quite easy as you simply fill the chamber with herb or tobacco and fill one paper at a time. It is vital that you clean out the chamber on this rolling machine to avoid any jamming or wearing down over time. If you are kind of on the fence about this model, then the good news is that it comes with a one year manufacturers warranty. You certainly cannot beat that.

New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine