Chromium crusher grinder

When you happen to be looking for a quality herb grinder that will help you to break down your herbs, weed, or tobacco into a fine textured smokeable product, then quality is vital. Not all grinders are created the same and there are plenty of grinders that are out there that will break and not be able to stand the test of time. Luckily, there are types of grinders like the Chromium crusher that lasts and will do the job over and over and over.  Much like its main competitor the Space Case Grinder it is made out of aluminum and is safe to use.

The Chromium crusher happens to be a 4 piece grinder that comes in different sizes and each one can come in different colors from the standard silver and black to a unique purple. Having these color options will give you what you want but also look good so all of your friends will get jealous of your amazing grinders.

Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Grinder

The teeth on this grinder are diamond shaped and tough. Since this grinder is made from zinc alloy, it is considered heavy duty and able to stand just about anything that you throw at it. The teeth move smoothly as grinder rotated to shred up your herbs and tobacco.

The top of the Chromium crusher is magnetic to keep it from coming off, but I noticed, if you flip it over the lid will fall off. So be careful when you are grinding, because those teeth are sharp and the lid may come off and you have a chance of spilling out some of your herb or tobacco. Just be sure to keep it up right and you should be just fine.

Having a 4 piece grinder is important when it comes to grinding your tobacco or herbs. Just like with all other 4 piece grinders, this grinder has a built in screen that will capture all the fine pieces of herb which will give you a greater smoking experience. The fine residue is called kief, which having the right weed grinder is vital if you plan to smoke plenty. Let’s talk pro’s and con’s.


  • It is a 4 piece grinder which helps to give you a fine product.
  • Diamond shaped teeth grind smoothly without catching or snagging
  • Heavy duty zinc alloy ensures that your chromium crusher will last for a good while and give you the best grinding experience.


  • The magnetic top isn’t that strong enough to hold on to the base, which may cause your herb to spill out.

When it comes to have a great herb grinder, the Chromium Crusher is the best out there. It is a high quality grinder that will not let any type of herb or tobacco enthusiasts down through continuous use. Your friend will want to know where you got your grinder.  Another aluminum grinder you might be interested in is the Phoenician grinder.

Chromium Crusher
4.4 / 5 stars