Cali Crushers Herb Grinders

Cali Crushers Weed Grinders

Cali Crushers: What You Can Expect From This Weed Grinder

Are you looking for a grinder that’s reasonably priced but will astonish your friends? Enter the Cali Crusher Herb Grinders. The Cali Crusher weed grinders are ideal for people who want to look cool grinding. What makes the Cali Crusher the ideal weed grinder, setting it apart from others on the market?

3 Key Aspects Behind The Cali Crusher Weed Grinders

  • Superior Quality – These grinders are computer numerical control (CNC) machined to produce the best possible consistency and precision. The materials of the Cali Crusher are comprised of aircraft grade aluminum, making them tough, powerful and light. With the four-piece option, it comes with a micron screen, catching just the finest pollen. The herb is easily cut with the diamond-style teeth.
  • Inexpensive – The Cali Crusher, compared to many grinders, is rather affordable. Despite the look it offers and the quality found, the most expensive type is less than $50, which has a mechanical hand crank, which ensures easy grinding.
  • Designer Grinders – Cali Crusher claims their line of herb grinders is the very first designer grinders in the world, with various styles that have an array of colors, sizes and more. And, they even have clear tops.

Are There Any Negative Aspects To Cali Crushers Herb Grinders?

There is one big complaint associated with the Cali Crushers Herb Grinders: the teeth are so sharp that the herbs can be left in the grinder chamber.

What Options Are Available With Cali Crushers Herb Grinder

Two-Piece Grinders (around $15 to $20)

2 piece cali crushers weed and herb grinder

The two-piece Cali Crusher herb grinders are compact, strong and can last a very long time. Best of all, they are easily transportable, fitting easily into pockets. These grinders are ideal for the budget-minded smoker who’s constantly on the run for the Internet price of about $20.

While the two-piece option is found only in two-inch diameter, it can be found in three colors: black, gold and purple. There is no clear top with the two-piece grinder, but the price and quality make up for this non-available feature.

Four-Piece Cali Crusher Herb Grinders (2-inch Hard or Clear Top $25 to $35)

4 piece cali crushers weeb herb grindres

The four-piece Cali Crushers have a two-inch diameter that includes kief screens. There are all kinds of options with this model including clear tops and various colors (black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red and silver). They have a price tag on average of $30.

Four-Piece Grinders (2.5-inch Hard or Clear Top $30- to $40 with Crank Top)

The 2.5-inch diameter, four-piece Cali Crusher also has kief screens and comes with an optional hand crank, which ensures the grinding method is easy on your wrist. Now, the only color the crank top comes in is black; however, it’s got a clear top. It has a cost range of $30 to $40, and is an option if you have to grind extremely dense or sticky nugs.

Keep in mind that the 2.5-inch, four piece option doesn’t come with a clear top unless you purchase the crank top version that comes in just black.

What Does It All Mean?

If you’re a smoker, you can’t go wrong with the Cali Crusher Designer Grinders. After all, they have fair prices and array of style choices that make them highly desirable grinders.


Cali Crusher
4.5 / 5 stars