Black Tie Grinder Review

There are plenty of herb grinders in the market, many are cheaply made and can often break the grinding teeth within a few days. Although, many grinders have the CNC aluminum with sharp teeth, no other grinder has a certain class like the Black Tie Grinder. It has a decent price range while it is a bit more expensive than the Chromium Crushers, but way cheaper than the Space Case.  How does this grinder compare to the best grinders?

black tie grinder box

What’s it made of?

Black Tie Grinders are made from anodized aluminum, which tends to be more durable than any other grinder. The teeth are made from the same material, which helps to cut down on breaking, which is very common with various grinders. There is a sifter that is included made from a micron mesh. It tends to be a lot stronger and gives it a perfect filtering for herb grinding. I personally use this for creating my own herbal teas, and prior grinders actually caused bitter pieces to pass through the sifter.

black tie grinder all compartments

The design

The unique design of this 4 piece aluminum grinder gives you the best grinding experience, and Black Tie Grinders have taken grinding to a whole new level. Since the CNC process cuts down on having an issue, it makes sure that each Black Tie Grinder is top quality, without that top quality price. This particular grinder contains 50 diamond shaped grinding teeth, that are very sharp, and can grind just about any herb that you think of.

black tie grinder teeth

The neodymium magnets that are located in the top chamber are the strongest that I have ever seen for this grinder size, and will certainly keep the cap in place while you are grinding. As of now, the Black Tie Grinders are about 2.5 inches in diameter and are solid black.

black tie grinders

Since this grinder comes with the micron mesh screen sifter, this pollen catcher is great. Each grinder will come with a pick, so you are able to pick out the pollen. When it comes to performance, this grinder is the best. I have compared it to other high-priced grinders, and the Black Tie Grinder did exactly what they did, but better. The one thing that I love is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This company offers a full money back refund and lifetime warranty with complete confidence.

black tie grinder partThe truth of it is, the company is confident enough to know their product is great, and are happy to offer this warranty to all of their customers. If you are unhappy with the grinder, simply send it back and you will receive a full refund without all the hassle. Now, on to the Pro’s and Con’s.


• Unique design and materials
• Pollen catcher
• Easy to use
• Performance is great
• Lifetime warranty and no questions asked refund


• Only in a 2.5 inch size.


This is a mid priced grinder (check the latest price here)that does a great job.  The Black Tie Grinders are great, the look and design are amazing and the ease of use helps those who have hand issues. Overall, even though it is small, it will do what you need it to do without all the hassle. Eventually there may be a bigger size for various types of herb grinding.  Other great budget grinder options are the Chromium Crusher and the Golden Gate grinder.  The other budget grinder I recommend is the Ohuhu grinder.   If you decide to vape your weeds try to use a vape coupon because they’re not exactly cheap.  Check out the coupons from

Black Tie Grinder
4.9 / 5 stars