Best Portable Vaporizer for weed

In order to come up with our choice of the best weed vaporizer available in the market today we reviewed and tested ten of the most popular and most sold vaporizers.  If you’re unfamiliar with vaporizers, click here.  We have gone over their individual characteristics and compared them to come up with the one we believe is best.  Today we have voted for the V2Pro Series 7 which is not only a great performer, but is elegantly built and comes in different colors.

The V2Pro Series 7 is the result of changes and improvements made to the already popular and efficient Series 3. Every complaint and problem that was found in the Series 3 was corrected and improved to make the Series 7 the best and most efficient in the market today. Even though it is metallic all around it is light and easy to put in your pocket or backpack. It comes in three very nice colors, black, silver and steel; although they all look nice and elegant our favorite is the black one.

It comes with a wall charger, a car charger and a USB charger too in case that you have limited charging possibilities. You can also use it is as it is charging up which gives you flexibility and options when you forget to charge it on your way out or if you use it a lot. It has a three level temperature adjustment which allows you to choose between a warm vapor at its highest setting and a cool vapor at its lowest.

The loading process is simple and it comes with three different cartridges to load up, the first is for dry weed, the second for oil and the third for e-liquid. All you have to do is remove the cartridge from the vaporizer, take off the top, fill it up with your choice of material replace it and in thirty seconds your vapor is ready to start flowing. In conclusion you can be “up in vapor” in less than two minutes counting from the moment you decided to give your brain a shot of THC.

The V2Pro Series 7 works with smart technology which insures you that it will not burn up if you connect it to the wrong electric outlet. This vaporizer will detect and change voltage instantly even if you forget to do it. The makers of the V2Pro Series 7 are so sure that they have a winner that they will also give you a ten year guarantee on their product. You can but as many additional cartridges as you want so you do not have to waste time loading them as you go through your day, or night.

It is sold for $169 and worth every dime of it. The only inconvenient you may find is that when you use oil or e-liquid the battery runs out faster than it does with dry product. Besides this the Dry Herb Cartridge top can get loose with constant use, but that is solved by simply buying a new cartridge. Compared with its versatility, price and how easy it is to carry and use it all the time, anywhere these small problems are nothing to worry about. Give it a try; there is nothing better than healthy, enjoyable weed smoking.

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