Are aluminium grinders safe

When you grind herbs, one of the things you want to be certain is that your grinder isn’t damaging your health. That’s why you’d be alarmed to read that numerous reports all over the world have stated that aluminum grinders and acrylic grinders might come with a health risk and they should be avoided.

Are these claims valid?

The main idea behind this claim is that when grinding the herbs can mix with aluminum powder and this can lead to some very bad health issues.  The melting point for aluminum is 660.32C and the boiling point for it is around 2520C.  That is super hot so isn’t an issue.

The other potential issue is “metal shavings” from the grinder.  However, even during the grinding process, it’s rare and close to impossible for a grinder to leave metal shavings and thus it just won’t interfere with the herbs that you grind.  Not only that, but the aluminum shavings in your herbs, if any at all, will never pose any dangers because just a quick, reliable wash will remove all the danger.  Also, foil, i.e. aluminum foil is a product that gets accidentally consumed all the time and it’s harmless.

In addition to that, it’s crucial to know that despite being a soft metal, aluminum is very dense, much denser than any stem or herb. This is why you don’t have to worry about eating with aluminum cutlery. Aluminum grinders are pretty much the same in this regard, because the knives (the bits that cut the herbs) are made out of aluminum yet the amount of metal inserted there is tiny, and in any case, it’s harmless.

What you should be worried about

On the other hand, the grinders that do pose a threat for the human body are the acrylic ones. These ones have a lower melting point and on top of that, they lack the durability of aluminum, which makes them a lot more vulnerable and, as such, they should be avoided. Most of the time, the cost difference is not that large, but the results are, so investing in a good and reliable grinder is a very good idea and a good investment for your health as well.


In conclusion, aluminum grinders are very safe, in fact you can easily use them at any given time as they do not pose any real danger to the human body. Those myths that you can find here and there on the market are just for promotional purposes, as they market other products, but the truth of the matter is aluminum grinders are some of the safest grinding tools you can find on the market.

If you’re truly worried about aluminum, get a wood grinder or get the best quality grinder you can find which is the Space Case grinder.  It can be purchased here.

This is why, if you need to grind herbs efficiently and make sure that you remain healthy at all times, purchasing an aluminum grinder is the best way to do it!  So, now that you’re better armed with knowledge check out some reviews on aluminum grinders I have such as Space Case Grinder, Chromium Crusher, Santa Cruz Shredder, and the Phoenician grinder.  There’s no doubt that not only are aluminum grinders safe, but they are also some of the best herb grinders.

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